Make your team a key defence against cybercrime. Close gaps in Security Awareness through targeted user training.

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OZEIT Security Awareness Training

Although you may feel your team wouldn’t be fooled by something like a phishing scam, cybercriminals still use this attack method because it continues to be successful.

OzeIT’s training strategy includes an ongoing, low impact, targeted campaign to educate employees and raise Security Awareness.

Our sophisticated system uses a variety of simulated attacks to identify training gaps across your team. Based on certain rules, the team member may be provided with easy to understand, visually engaging videos and a quiz to deliver required training.

On-site or Virtual Group Training Sessions:
OzeIT can provide live on-site or virtual Security Training Session for your team. We have a variety of leaning modules and training options to suit your needs. Our Security Training Sessions can also include training material, quizzes and live Q&A sessions.

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    OzeIT identifies gaps in awareness and provides the specific training your teams needs to avoid falling victim to nefarious scams and attacks to your business.

    Video Based Training
    Short, engaging videos to drive retention, with a little quiz at the end. You can set the pass score.
    Staggered Email Campaigns
    A unique campaign to individual users provides accurate results.
    Reporting and Updates
    Understand the posture of your teams Security Awareness and review the results.
    Security Awareness Training

    Building Awareness build Resilience

    Your team will have the awareness to provide a first line of defence against malicious attempts to gain access to your information or systems.

    Risk Mitigation
    Reduce the risk of attacks and related costs
    Reputation Management
    Improved resilience and compliance

    Implementing Security Awareness Training

    Review current team and develop implementation plan
    OzeIT Activate training system and provide reporting
    The system provides training to the users on an as recognised basis
    Regular reviews of your teams performance

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